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Black Flag TV


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About Sv Bell

Comic book artist in the 80s, turned CGI animator in the 90s, turned filmmaker in the 2000s, turned comic book artist in the 2010s. I'm running in circles.

"Sv Bell, Quebec champion of the horror film in all its forms, a director who, rather than complain about lack of funds, takes action and offers each year an eccentric gem made with minimal means. His passion and resourcefulness more than make up for the low production costs and he always end up with something far more entertaining than many big-budget films. Bell doesn't reinvent the wheel, but he knows the conventions of the horror film and applies them with a competence that is equaled by his love of the genre. He always inserts the right dose of twisted situations, supernatural and grotesque, giving the public what it wants without resorting to cliché'd exaggerations."

- Nicolas Archambault,
FanTasia International Film Festival


"An established painter of heavy metal album cover art in the 80s and 90s, Sv Bell has redirected his focus to crafting horror flicks and rock videos, indulging his love of monsters, mysteries, fetishes and freaks — in short, everything your mom scolded you for checking out when you were a kid!'"

- Rupert Bottenberg,
Montreal Mirror

About Black Flag TV

Black Flag TV is the place to see many truly amazing independent films produced by filmmakers driven by a passion for the genre! We broadcast 24/7, live, on the web and on the Roku streaming television network.

What's on Black Flag TV?
Everything from independent short and feature films, series, and documentaries to vintage public domain films. Most of our content falls under the umbrella of horror/ thrillers, fantasy, space and science fiction, action, and martial arts. But you'll also discover edgy bizarre stuff that just cannot be categorized! On Black Flag TV, we run midnight movies all day long!

Streaming Movies 24h a day doesn't come cheap!
Black Flag TV brings you midnight movies all the time! Just to be totally clear about that, we offer 24/7 programming at absolutely no charge on the web, and with a small fee on the Roku network to help cover bandwidth charges. You like what you see, and you want to help? Subscribe to my comic books! Get the Roku channel! Buy DVDs! Anything helps, and it is much, much appreciated!

No PPV! No VOD! No Downloadable Movies!
Nope. None of that. Just plain old-fashioned TV. In these days of everything being available online, on-demand, this TV model may sound a concept from the stone age, but we like it retro! And every movie screening on Black Flag TV runs several times a week in different time slots, so you'll easily have opportunity to see your favourites. Many of the films presented on Black Flag TV are available on DVD in the store section, or directly from Amazon.

A little more about Black Flag TV
As hinted in the headerboard above, Black Flak TV is a sister company to Black Flag Pictures, a Montreal-based independent film production and distribution house. Black Flag Pictures is in operation since 2006 and produced several feature films, and also short films as well as music videos and commercials for mainstream TV networks. Before the Black Flag banner, the company was operating under the name SVBI Films (1992) and was mainly a service bureau for computer-animated and 3D / CGI effects.

What about these comics you have? Where do they fit in?
I've always been a comic artist and illustrator. Been painting cover for books, magazines, and heavy metal albums since 1984. The comic books are a series I'm writing and illustrating, and they're published in print only. Sales of the books actually help in funding the TV station.

"Black Flag TV, based out of Montreal runs like a traditional television station with free 24 hour scheduled broadcasting except with bad-ass independent film from around the globe. The films shown on this channel are daring, audacious, risky and run non-stop free of charge. Original in it’s old-school concept, this is something that must be checked out!"

- Brett Butler, Substance Production.

About Black Flag Pictures inc.

In 2010, Black Flag Pictures launched its own DVD distribution channel for the canadian market, and eventually started to acquire rights for third-party independent productions to expand the products lineup and offer a wider selection to retailers and buyers. The idea of a TV network was in the air (no pun intended!) right at the beginning, so it did take time to come up with a TV station that would be available to everyone, free of charge, and broadcast live, 24 hours a day. During the development process we did consider the typical video-on-demand scheme, but we really wanted to have a vintage-style TV, complete with various programs, feature-lenght and short films, web series, documentaries, special interest, and of course… commercials. The variety of Black Flag TV programming will keep on expanding as it strongly relies on the creative power of numerous independent filmmakers and producers. Should you have a genre film to submit or you thought of a great TV show concept, please contact us!

"A genre film? Care to explain?"
You bet! Chances are if you're on this site, you already know what a genre film is. If not, well genre cinema is a type of film that's targetted to a specific audience, namely fans of horror, science-fiction, action, martial arts and fantasy movies. Fans of such films gather in conventions and cosplay events, and some are rather large – for instance, FanExpo in Toronto who bring in over 60,000 in attendance. FanTasia Film Festival in Montreal has over 100,000 visitors. Yes, genre movies are somewhat obscure and little-known, yet they have their unconditional fans and loyal supporters.

"Do you guys finance movies?"
Thru our production company Black Flag Pictures inc., technically yes we do. However, our ressources are limited, so we can't put forward several projects at the same time. You can still submit the idea you have in mind, union or non-union, with a screenplay (NDA is welcome) and a budget plan under a million$. Preferably the film has to be Canadian, since we are taking advantage of available government programs, local film incentives and other canadian ressources. Basic requirements to take advantage of these programs are that, well, they are to be made mostly by canadian talents, cast and crew.

"I love your TV! Can I re-broadcast it on my own web site?"
You sure can, see this page to get the HTML code!

"How can I run a commercial on your TV?"
It's all managed on a case-by-case basis. Pricing structure varies on the type of contract, frequency and air time you need. Contact me for information.


So that's about it regarding Black Flag TV. Make sure you follow our tweets to be notified about updates and programming on our station. You can also join me on Facebook! Don't be a stranger!


Black Flag Pictures inc,
mother of Black Flag TV

Black Flag Pictures is the film studio owning Black Flag TV. This TV station is the logical continuation of the film production and distribution effort of Black Flag Pictures.

In the early days of the station, we were only broadcasting films from Black Flag Pictures DVD distribution catalog, but very soon we started to expand the IPTV catalog to titles we were not distributing on DVD, as well as short films and other unique productions submitted by fans.


Montreal, Quebec-based Black Flag Pictures Inc. is a film studio, owned and operated by independent filmmaker Sv Bell. We produce and release feature films in the action, thriller, horror and science-fiction genres. Founded in 1992 as SVBI Films, we established our presence through work in TV commercials and music videos. Over the years our studio has built a strong reputation for producing high quality movies with production budgets less than a million dollars. Unlike most of today's independent studios that focus on extreme content, Black Flag Pictures targets the mainstream direct-to-video / television / PTV international market, with a focus on mainstream content and powerful storylines attractive to a large audience rather than just horror/science-fiction aficionados.

Black Flag Pictures movies are currently available in these countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Georgia, Ireland, Kazakstan, Kyyrgystan, Moldova, Russia, Scotland, Slovak Republic, Tajikstan, Thailand, Turmeninstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.




Hey so you guys want to send movies to air on Black Flag TV? You’re more than welcome!! Always so looking for exciting horror indie movies to show our audience!

“What types are you considering? Short films? Features? Series?…”
All of the above!!

“But how do we do that?!”
Simple enough, a simple e-mail will do! Contact me, and we’ll arrange things so you can upload your film on our servers. Make sure you agree with the terms on the contact page before submitting a film.

“Speaking of which… Tell me about these terms.”
The agreement is as unrestrictive as it gets. All we need is a simple “OK, show my film!”. We don’t own any rights other than being authorized to air your film on the station. We don’t have any exclusivity, you can market your film wherever you want, post on Vimeo, share on Youtube, it’s all yours. And should you need us to stop broadcasting your film because, for example, you just secured a million dollar deal that requires exclusivity, we can take down your film within 48 hours.

“Do I get paid when my film airs on Black Flag TV?”
Sadly no, we are not offering compensation. The station doesn’t generate much revenues, even the subscription-based side. Just breaking even with the operation and streaming expenses is already a daunting task. All we can offer is exposure to our thousands of viewers.

“My film is available on the web already – can you grab it from there?”
If quality’s good, we sure can. With your e-mail simply mention the URL from which we should download.

“You will notify me when my film will air?”
We sure do our best to do it, but with the volume of films we present, it’s not possible to contact everyone, everytime the films are playing. The best bet is to check the schedule every week, or better yet, join the newsletter to get an e-mail when the schedule is updated:

Subscribe to the Newsletter! | Unsubscribe

One interesting feature Black Flag TV offers to filmmakers is the ability to purchase a certain timeslot on the station, and secure a precise airtime for your film. We do that as a convenience only, it is not required that you pay for screening your film. But, for instance, you might want to advertise the screening of your film one month in advance, or you want to synchronize a theatrical premiere with a one-shot screening on Black Flag TV, or you simply want your film playing at Halloween night… So for a small fee, you can book a precise slot on the station. Email us for more infos!

“My film is too big to upload, can I send you a DVD?”
Sure thing, just contact us we’ll provide you with a mailing addy!

“How about DVD distribution? You do that too?”
We do! But DVD distribution is a separate agreement from Black Flag TV though. Contact us by e-mail for details.


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Black Flag TV
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Black Flag TV
Black Flag TV

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Black Flag TV

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